1 (2017 - EP)


Kiss me and I’ll tell you What you’re made of What you’re doing with your choices When my shirt’s off You know you’re strength is underneath ‘But you’ll always keep the peace You’re never out there on a limb And you’re feet don’t move And you won’t lift a finger So you can’t run circles ‘round me now Coz if you’re feet don’t move And you won’t life a finger I can’t keep telling you how it goes… So give me what I need Give me what I need And you’ll see The best that all of this could be If you give me what I need I’ll never ask again Coz by then you’ll see You’re happier with me When you give me what I need Hold me more closely Closer than you can Don’t make me have to make you understand How much I need you To adore me Oh don’t ignore me Coz you’ll only bring us down
I got my hair done Put on my red skirt I’ve got somewhere to be I’m running hot and cold There’ll be people there that I know If I wanna go then I gotta go now I’m getting nothing when I’m turning the key I, I can’t get started There’s a party going on without me And I’m dressed up and I look good but I don’t wanna go The sun’s gone down I shoulda moved by now I should be tearing it up all over town But I’m so numb And I’m in my own way Oh tell me that you know how it feels? I’m just a blank page I draw a blank face I got a blank heart It’s not my day But I’ve got nothing to prove I’ll just try again tomorrow
Oh my love I’ve been waiting For this day but now I can’t let go We tried love But we fought too well I know you’re no good for me anyway But could you love me again? Oh my love I’m in the kitchen alone Still making the things that you used to like, (I) keep on making, keep on making it for you Now you’re gone I keep thinking over and over again How many times did I lose me just to find you? All the times and all the ways That I tried to begin again But I just wanted the light to go out Even all of the pain I felt I never cut the ties It might get better Once more
I’m coming back Just like I said Just like I told you At the end I’m coming back for you baby Are you there waiting for me? I’m coming back To your door Don’t wanna chase my dreams No more I’m coming back for you baby Are you there waiting for me? I’m coming back to find another one A nice girl - you’ve found another one I don’t care about the other one Coz I’m back and I’m your only one I’m back for you baby And you know that you were meant for me I’m coming back Just like I planned So you can ask me For my hand I’m coming back for you baby Yeah are you there waiting for me I’m coming back Been away so long But I still loved you While I was gone I’m coming back for you baby Are you there waiting for me?


Ask Xani Kolac (Clare Bowditch, Tim Rogers, My Friend the Chocolate Cake, Martin Martini & the Bone Palace Orchestra) to describe her latest batch of songs for her debut solo project, XANI, and she’ll tell you that there are “songs about being needy and songs that are downright depressing”. These are not words that spring to mind when one encounters electric violinist and AU Review Best Live Instrumentalist nominee, Xani, onstage or off. Being a naturally energetic and bubbly performer, Kolac toes the line in her songwriting perfectly between being “happy but kind of sad”.

XANI’s debut EP, simply titled, “1”, feature four tracks laid thick with country guitar, crooning backing vocals delivered by Olivia Nathan, Jacinta and Caruana, and Kolac’s own trademark strings that shimmer and soar throughout, as well as Mark Leahy on drums (The Twoks), Jane McArthur and Jacob McGuffie on guitar and Arlene Fletcher on double bass. Recorded and mixed by Marty Brown (Clare Bowditch) - “1”, will be released in April 2017.


released April 14, 2017

All songs written by Xani Kolac, except "Don't Wanna Go" written by X. Kolac and S. Edgar.

Performed by Xani Kolac (violin/vocals), Mark Leahy (drums), Jane McArthur (guitar), Jacob McGuffie (guitar), Arlene Fletcher (double bass), Olivia Nathan (backing vocals), Jacinta Caruana (backing vocals).

Engineered and mixed by Marty Brown at Standalone Studios.

Mastered by John Robert at Mastersound.

Artwork and design by Meg Kolac.

Photo by Michelle Grace Hunder.


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XANI Melbourne, Australia

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