2 (2018, EP)


What do you do When you're living alone Try to save money So you're spending more time at home You go to work, go to the gym And you're living off tins of spaghetti. Oh maybe it's time I did things differently Got a little adventurous It's good for me So I try something different like Jerusalem Artichoke. Coz I could be simple or safe Make the same things that I always make Or I could try something new Someone more like you Although I've never tried this before It could be fun and I want to explore Baby you could be the best thing I've ever had. I'm trying you out, breathing you in You got a different flavour To all the rest that have been And when I'm heating you up I want to heat you up some more. Oh who would've thought I'd find a delicacy Something a little sweet that is good for me Yeah I've found something new in my Jerusalem Artichoke. Baby you could be The one thing that I need To sweeten up my life And finally make me see That maybe I could change Get out of my old ways Now I've had a taste I'll never be the same. Simple, safe, make the things I always make. Try it new, someone more like you.
He cut all my lines So he could write me out slowly I still fall in love so easy with me Who make me feel lonely. So I go and make things tidy again It's not like I'm hanging out our sheets for pleasure Is this all I'm gonna be For better, for better or worse? Read your lines / read 'em out, read 'em out Get outta his light / outta sight, outta mind Hold him tight it'll be alright When you're by his side. Nothing's changing, no one's saved Nothing's answered, and no one's brave Nothing's different and no one's right No one's winning, there's no good fight We'll never get there, we'll never grow We'll never fix and never know What it's like to write our own verse For better, for better or worse. Read your lines / read 'em out, read 'em out Get outta his light / outta sight, outta mind Hold him tight it'll be alright When you're by his side Step back down / you're nothing now, nothing now Coz it's their world now /let me out, get me out Hold him tight, it'll be alright When you're by his side.
Prelude 00:43
I saw the red sky in the morning Now I know anything could happen And it might happen with you, with you. I saw the full moon In the sky tonight She's telling me you could be bad news But that's good news to me, to me. 'Coz I want you bad I want you to play hard to get Steal for me baby Then give it all back I want you bad I know that you've got history Of sleeping around and never coming down But get high on me I want you bad. Well I threw a coin into the fountain And as I did I wished for a good man But that good man was you, how could it be you? 'Coz I want you you bad I want you to run all the reds Speed down the higway Straight into my bed I want you bad I know that you've been bad before But now that you're mine we're doing our time And we're gonna be bad more I want you bad.
Interlude 00:42
I'm lying in the dark, it's quiet Everyone's asleep I'm still awake Listening to the crunch of my teeth I've been grinding them 'coz I've bitten off More than I can chew I gotta tell myself again that... I know what to do. Up ahead are hurdles I'm running 'round I try to jump them all I wanna win, but I'm worried 'bout When I'm gonna fall But I gotta take some knocks to know That what I'm doing is hard Oh hand on my heart, babe... I know what to do. When I'm lost, lonely, stuck out at sea The tide goes in, it takes you out You gotta hope you can swim But the waves are rolling in And they look bigger than me I'm gonna turn to face the shore, babe... I know what to do.
Postlude 00:33


Pop in all its glory takes centre stage for violinist/vocalist, XANI’s follow-up EP, “2”. After releasing, “1”, in May last year, XANI’s music has been added to Double J, played on RRR and PBS and has secured XANI a place on the New Music Stage for this year’s St Kilda Festival.

Due for release on January 29th, 2018, “2” was recorded and mixed by Myles Mumford (Georgia Fields, Kim Salmon). Catchy, but cutting, pop songs are interspersed with sweet violin instrumental interludes. Bold contrast is a repeating theme as lovey-dovey songs about Jerusalem artichokes sidle up next to “For Better Or Worse”: a song protesting the bleak perpetuity of a patriarchal society inspired by SBS’s, “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

“2” features some of Melbourne’s best musicians, Olivia Nathan and Jacinta Caruana on backing vocals, Cristian Barbieri (Billy Davis, The CB3) on guitar, Josh Jones (Dan Sultan) on bass, Mark Leahy (The Twoks) on drums and special guests, Ellie Lamb on trombone and Simon Burke (The Meltdown) on keys/organ. There is a smattering of styles, from old-school RnB to quirky Americana and a bit of inspiration from The Motels and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, all wrapped up in XANI’s signature style of “nothing-can-be-too-cheesy”.

This EP was supported by Creative Victoria.


released January 29, 2018

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Myles Mumford at Rolling Stock Recording Rooms, Collingwood, Melbourne.
Music written and performed by Xani Kolac.

Backing Vocals - Olivia Nathan and Jacinta Caruana
Guitar - Cristian Barbieri
Drums - Mark Leahy
Bass - Josh Jones
Piano/Organ - Simon Burke
Trombone - Ellie Lamb
Violin - Xani Kolac

Artwork by Meg Kolac

All songs copyright Xani Kolac 2018


all rights reserved



XANI Melbourne, Australia

* violin
* pop
* instrumentals
* songs

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